Watch over 200 videos with design ideas for floors, countertops and outdoor living areas, as well as how-to information for popular decorative concrete applications. Each series features an industry expert — whether it’s Bob Harris of SSI, Fu-Tung Cheng of Cheng Concrete or Scott Cohen of the Green Scene, you’ll find their expertise valuable.

Decorative Concrete Tips Tim Seay shares tips from his experience with the most popular decorative concrete applications.
Countertops Watch 16 how-to videos about designing concrete countertops.
Floors Watch 71 videos that answer common questions regarding concrete floors.
Concrete Polishing Watch a series of how to videos explaining the process of polishing concrete.
Outdoor Living Watch 35 videos about how outdoor living spaces are designed and constructed.
Concrete Tools Watch over 60 how-to concrete videos about popular decorative concrete tools and machines.
Stains Watch 8 videos on selecting and applying concrete stains indoors and out.
Sealers Watch 5 demonstration videos showing when to use each type of sealer and how to apply them.
Stencils Watch 5 how-to videos on using stencils on interior and exterior concrete.
Stamps Watch 9 videos on buying and using concrete stamps, release agents and more.
Surface Preparation Watch 5 videos on selecting the proper type of surface preparation equipment for your project.
Forms Watch 3 videos with tips on using different types of concrete forms and liners.
Concrete Repair Watch 9 videos on spalling, color correction and more.