A circular concrete patio is a great alternative to a standard rectangular patio to bring new life to a ho-hum backyard. The rounded shape is more natural and organic, making it easier to integrate with existing landscape features, such as trees and gardens. A curved patio can also be used as an add-on feature to an existing patio to provide more space for relaxation and entertaining. For design inspiration, check out these stunning circular concrete patio projects.

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There are two main styles of round patios: full circle and half circle. Full-circle patios often exist independently and serve as a destination point that draws people out into the yard. Semi-circular patios typically abut a building or an existing patio surface. Both styles of rounded patios blend more naturally into their surroundings because they don’t have sharp angles.


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1. Surround a Fire Pit

A round stamped concrete patio extension is the perfect framework for a circular fire pit. The rounded edges of the patio work very well with seating, creating a comfortable space where guests can gather around and enjoy the warmth.

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2. Add a Circular Motif

Accentuate the curves in a concrete patio by adding a circular medallion design. Medallion stamps come in a variety of sizes and patterns, including compass roses, sunbursts, and floral designs. They work best when used to enhance concrete stamped with a complementary seamless stone pattern.

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3. Save Space

A patio with curved edges is often the best choice for yards with space restrictions. The curves can better follow the contours of the landscape, as opposed to straight edges, which can sometimes look harsh and unnatural. See more ideas for small concrete patios.

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4. Make It a Focal Point

Because circular patios are so striking, they often become the focal point of a backyard or public space, with the rest of the landscaping designed around it. This round patio in a public park features integrally colored concrete accented by decorative sawcuts and a broom finish.

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5. Create a Natural Extension

When extending an existing concrete patio into a backyard space, incorporating gentle curves offers a softer appearance, as opposed to the boldness of straight lines. Many people also find it easier to step off a circular patio into a yard rather than stepping off a sharp corner. Get more tips for extending an existing patio.

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6. Complement a Swimming Pool

A concrete patio with curved edges is also an excellent option for a pool deck. Most residential pools don’t have straight edges, and a curved patio will naturally complement the shape. See more design ideas for concrete pool decks.

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7. Add a Faux Stone Pattern

If you love the look of cobblestone but can’t afford the cost of hand-laid stone, concrete stamped in a faux stone pattern is an economical option. Using concrete as a replacement for traditional stone is not only more cost-effective, it also is easier to maintain and less labor-intensive to install. See more design ideas for faux stone patios.

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8. Create a Center of Attention

The center of a circular patio is the perfect spot to place a focal point that draws the eye. You can use something that’s functional, purely aesthetic, or a little bit of both. Some options include a circular dining table and chairs, a fountain, a fire pit, a large planter, or concrete statuary.

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9. Use Concrete Pavers

Available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes, concrete pavers give you unlimited design options for round patios. Smaller pavers are a great choice for creating a cozy, intimate feel while larger pavers can make a backyard feel more spacious. You can also use the pavers to build curved seat walls that follow the contours of your patio.

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10. Form Concentric Circles

This elegant multilevel concrete patio forms two concentric circles leading up to a round fire pit. The design is further accentuated by decorative concrete joints cut in a radial pattern, like the spokes of a bicycle. See more ideas for curved concrete steps.


To form circles and other curves in poured concrete flatwork, contractors often use flexible plastic forms, such as the Plastiform system. In addition to being extremely pliable when a tight radius is needed, these forms are easy to assemble and provide multiple reuses. (Watch this video from Deco-Crete to see the forming process.)

As an alternative to poured concrete, concrete patio pavers are ideal for forming round patio designs because they can be laid in a circular pattern. Many manufacturers offer concrete pavers specifically for this purpose, making installation very simple.

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